Monday, November 21

impossible today

Dear Blogger,

Today I am going to attempt the impossible, and I am going to use you as a way of documenting these impossibilities and my ability to kick their asses.
I may be crazy. That may be true.

Goals for today:
Clear out Inbox of 362 messages
Follow up with clients
Catch up with laundry (would you believe there's at least five massive loads?!)
Do all handwashing
Create book from scratch
Start and finish test for new art piece
Start and finish new art piece
Make progress on JGL's birthday present
Clean out fridge/freezer
Hit the market
Put away laundry
Purge closet
Purge dresser
Change bed
Clean bedroom
Clean bathroom
Clean off porch
Change litter
Deal with finances
Go through winter coats and figure out if anything still fits
Sew buttons on two jackets
Upload all images to computer
Edit at least one session
Catch up with Hyphen Blogs
Create at least one blog post
Organize agenda for December (believe you me, this one may make or break me!)
Organize transportation for Northampton trip
Take at least one photo
Purge shoe closet
Take photos to sell vintage shoes
Sort through old brain dump
Send out invoices
Look for inspiration for Saturday shoot
Update work schedule
Organize and send out receipts
Practice skating routine with music
Confirm Ottawa trip
Order shoes/boots
Put instagram presets onto Desktop
Listen to a lot of KEXP
Email landlord about apartment issues

did i mention that most, if not all, of this has to be done by 6pm? Yep. Don't worry, i've had my double shot cap from Ella's Uncle, and my early morning kisses and i love you's. Those are important for such a big day.

I'll keep you posted!

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