Monday, October 28

Caffeine headaches

A caffeine headache took me down hard today. 7am-4pm I was a useless vegetable, whining and drinking water and dozing constantly. Now that my brain has been happily caffeinated, I am left debating whether I should nix this blog. Cut it, scrap it, start from scratch. I don't feel like it reflects me anymore, or presents to my audience (ha. are you there?) what I really want to present. On the other hand... holy hannah! the memories.
I think I will change it up. Use this as I have been using it. A mish mash of every little boring thing that comes to mind. But my artwork will be moving, as will the adventures with Joel and my photo jobs will be kept all on the blog attached to the website. All of that coming soon.

Wednesday, July 10

Dreaming of the Yukon

Joel has never seen the Northern Lights. Every year for his birthday I try to come up with a scheme that will get us close to some place well known for northern lights sightings, but it never happens,  usually because I'm far too broke to get him that far out of the city. Le Sigh! I managed to get him some place where he finally saw his first owl, but I just can't seem to make the other trip happen.

Now an opportunity has popped up that seems far too good to be true. A trip for two worth $12,500 to the Yukon next summer for free! Say what!? Even better... the trip happens around the time of his 30th birthday! DREAMY! and ohsoperfect. The only catch... we need votes to make this dream come true.

so... I plead to you, dear internet, help boyfriend see the Northern Lights for his 30th. It would be the most epically perfect 30th birthday, and I owe him that, as he made mine truly perfect.
I promise in return... beautiful photos and a giant blog post, or two.

You can vote daily, from multiple computers. Vote for Joel Loughead.


Friday, April 26

Work in progress

I have an art show coming up in September.
More details on that coming later...

But for now... I've been working on some things and here are a couple of test shots. The piece is a new one for me called 'Whispers' inspired by Victorian mourning jewellery. Each portrait is of a person wearing a piece of jewellery made from their hair.

what do you think? color or black and white?

Thursday, January 31

Come visit!

Online galleries are so convenient. It allows you to see my exhibition without leaving your comfortable chair or bed. Which is perfect on a day like today.

Well! It's your last chance...
Go check out my exhibition on at My Mother's Basement Gallery.

Sunday, January 20

I am wearing a hat!

Can you guess which one?

I'm busy working on my website and my brand and my everything. Getting my name out there! Being crafty! Shooting! All of the things that make my heart sing.

Go check out what I've been up...
Foxberry Photo
Foxberry Photo the facebook edition

Also... I'm booking right now so let me know if you're interested in some portraits, or a photobooth, or a wedding. Not getting married but still want wedding photos? no problem! we'll fake it. ;)

is there a fine line between sharing with the world what you're up to because you're genuinely excited about it and shameless self promotion? Am I walking it? Am I walking on the right side of it?

Saturday, December 29

surviving the apolcalypse

So the Mayan calendar ended. Did you really think the world would go with it?

I've got a mild case of the winter blahs attached to a serious case of the what-the-fuck-am-i-doing-with-my-lifes plus a dash of the holy-fuck!-i'm-going-to-be-thirty-soons. It's a big ole spiral of ugh!
I spent the day shooting today to try to knock myself out of it. Sadly, my camera/film are not cooperating... so 4 packs later, I have only about 8 good shots. (EDIT: 13 good shots! whoot!) friggamajig. I guess it's better than nothing and eff did it ever feel great to shoot again.
Of course... it's now 4pm and I have so very little to show for this day. 8 photos and a bit of a headache. I guess I'm allowed a break from time to time... but I'd better start getting re-motivated if I'm going to make this self-employment thing really work. I suppose figuring out some goals would be a good place to start. (Don't worry, I'm already on that)

On the plus side... this apartment is starting to come together. I have spent most of today in my little studio using the natural light (and freaking out the neighbours, or giving them a free show, i'm not sure which) and writing/editing in our den of Canada. It still needs some work... (dear bedroom, unpack yourself, wuddya?) but it's getting there. It's amazing just how big a difference a happy home makes.

For now... I'm off to renew my library card so I can start learning again. Oh TPL, I've missed you so.

A little something from me to you....
There will be more photos coming, and hopefully with some regularity, but for now... An image from a self-portrait series I started while on the road. It needs some work, but hey... it's a start.

ps. Is anyone still doing that new years resolution thing? Any good ones on your plate?

Wednesday, November 28

Kevin Costner made this

Today is Kevin Costner day.
No, it's not his birthday. No, he didn't win an award. No, he isn't dead. He's probably sitting in his comfortable hollywood home talking with that fabulous husky, yet high, voice of his. Maybe he's chillin' with Christian Slater arguing about who had the better hair in Robin Hood. (obviously Slater wins)

Kevin Costner day is our anniversary. Once upon a time many years ago we were friends working at a banquet hall and someone brought up Waterworld. A sarcastic remark was said, a challenge was placed, a deal was made. A year and change later we found ourselves on my couch watching not just Waterworld but a slew of KC movies that would make up our epic first date, and thus Kevin Costner day was born.

Hey, without Kevin Costner... we may never have found ourselves consolidating apartments.
So thanks KC. Thanks for making Joel's "favorite" movie.

Tuesday, October 16

on the road..

Day 2 of week 2.
I must admit... I'm already tired of hotel beds and not being in your arms. I wake at 3am every morning confused by the lack of you wrapped around me. I miss home cooked meals, fresh fruit and veggies and bicycle rides.
Conversations with students and teachers and colleagues are intriguing. I love hearing the opinions on the education system and getting into tiny debates about which direction it should go. It also keeps throwing me back and forth on the idea of becoming a teacher. Again. sigh. too many lives to live, only so many breaths.
The landscape is breathtaking. Goshdarn Canada! You outdone yourself. Rocks and trees and grass and lakes and bright colored leaves and hills and winding roads and miles and miles without a building. swoooooooooooooooooooooooooon!
It's creating a stronger itch. An itch to leave Toronto. Why be surrounded by buildings when you could be surrounded by THIS!? it just seems so silly.

I am dreaming of my farm.

I am having a hard time concentrating. I just want to deal with packing up my apartment, and figuring out what the next step is. I'm ready for that next step. I'm ready to figure out where home really is. Because it's not here...

This trip also has me missing my friends. terribly. which is making me reconsider if we go/where we go. maybe i just want to have you all over for a dinner party. or to go for a walk through high park with you. or just hug you silly.

Perhaps it really is time to become an adult and do what adults do... pick a job, any job, any career, and settle into it. Put down roots. Save up for a house. Own a car. Think about having children.
I'm not ready to admit defeat just yet.

Thursday, October 11

the new you pt3.

I promised more news... well here it is:

I'm moving! No, not out of Toronto just yet... In fact, I'm not moving very far away at all. I'm moving in with boyfriend! And I'm psyched about it! Although I will admit to being a little overwhelmed and anxious about the amount of stuff we both own.

So! What does this mean for you? It means that you have the potential of being the proud new owner of gently used furniture, clothing, media, etc. from me and/or boyfriend.
Contact me for details on what's up for grabs.  There's a lot. Especially if you need to furnish a living room or kitchen or if you need/want a new adorable cruiser bicycle. Everything will be going on craigslist mid-november, so act fast if you want something.


Friday, October 5

the new you pt2

I promised more news... here it is:

Hyphen Photography is no more.
I have started working by myself on a new venture called Foxberry Photo.

Yup. there it is.
one more piece of news left... are you excited?